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our story

rooted in the warmth and care of a family since 1985, we have been the initial purveyors of mediterranean food in los angeles. we believe the best way to create delicious food is to actually be inspired and our concept is very simple, “create your own dish”. time-honored methods of food preparation, coupled with the highest quality ingredients, and a heavy-handed dose of experience places crimson mediterranean cookhouse as the perfect dining experience. 


why eat mediterranean food?

mediterranean food is voted as one of the healthiest food in the world and can help protect against heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and even help with weight loss.

our produce

organic whenever possible, and always reflective of the season

our meat

all of our meat is antibiotic & hormone-free. it’s marinated and prepared daily with 100% olive oil, the finest middle eastern spices, and no preservatives added.

our secret

we don’t believe in freezers, that’s why our food is always fresh!

our coffee bar

we serve intelligentsia coffee and la colombe coffee, need we say more!